Are you a burden or a blessing?

There is an old African Proverb that says: “The prosperity of the trees is the well-being of the birds.”

To that end, the well-being of those around us and those closest to us speaks to the prosperity of our trees – this seems logical.  As we learn, live, and grow, we develop new relationships, attain more knowledge and perhaps we even make more money than we used to.  One may think that as the aforementioned things take place, we are indeed blessed.    

However…this can be kind of tricky.  So often we get confused into thinking that our blessings come in occupying privilege or position; or by sitting in the lap of luxury and having people cater to us because of the titles we have or the positions we hold in our respective lives.  Though we may have these experiences at some point and time, do they really speak to what it truly means to be blessed?

If you talk to a firefighter, for example, I’m sure that he will tell you that when one is asked by the fire chief to do a difficult job or to perform a demanding feat…that person is considered blessed!

This provides, in my opinion, two definitions of the word blessed in this context.  One that is based on self, and what one is getting; and one that is based on others, and what one is giving.

Our blessings come in what we’ve done for others and what we’ve given.  Each of us has a task, a duty, a mission, a calling, if you will, to be a blessing to others.  To that end, there comes a time when each of us will be called to be that blessing, such as the firefighter was by his superior.  

For our trees to prosper, seeds have to be sown!  Are there any good seeds that you need to sow?  A good friend of mine always challenges me to do that right thing, no matter what.  Integrity reinforcement is what I call it.  This approach to integrity is something that I haven’t mastered, but I work on it daily.  My hope is that others will be able to see growth in me, and learn from anything that I have to offer – and then encourage others to do the same.  I say this because true learning shouldn’t lead to knowledge alone, but it should lead to action.  In other words, we are blessed to be a blessing.

With God, nothing is impossible…

© David McGhee


3 thoughts on “Are you a burden or a blessing?”

  1. This was a great blog. I really enjoyed reading it.
    I sometimes have to ask myself those same questions:Are there any good seeds that I need to sow? And what does it truly means to be blessed?

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