“It may hurt, but it won’t hurt anything.”

I once heard someone say that “activity is important to the maintenance of anything.”  Furthermore, if we don’t keep moving we will eventually go down.  Life will take its course and we will be caught in the danger of doing nothing.  Change is inevitable, right?  Many of us have been taught that change is the only constant thing in life.  While this may be true, no one has ever taught us that change will be easy.

My father is paraplegic.  For nearly his entire life he has had to walk using crutches.  He knows no other way.  During my lifetime alone, he has had surgery on his back many times.  I have spent countless days and hours with my father as his back was cut open for another surgery.  As you can imagine, medical advice following a major surgery would be to ‘rest’.  It is thought that by just laying there and being still, this will allow one to heal more swiftly.  Knowing that movement often creates pain, it is understood why rest is so critical, or thought to be so critical, to healing.

However, being forced to just be still, lie down, and have minimal activity can be nerve wrecking – and in many ways can do more harm than good.  Here’s the thing.  Nothing happens if you do nothing!  After each surgery, though he is very tired, my father wants to move.  He wants to be mobile.  Even with pain in his body, he wants to move around.  When this happens that doctor, after performing a successful surgery, often says “It may hurt, but it won’t hurt anything.”

And so it is with our lives.  Change, transitions, new experiences, etc. are needed for growth.  Things may be uncomfortable, things may seem different and there may be a little bit of pain.  But keep this in mind: “It may hurt, but it won’t hurt anything.”

With God, nothing is impossible…

© David McGhee


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