Today Matters

It is known that people create success in their lives by focusing on today.  It may sound corny, but today is the only time we have.  I’ve learned that it is too late for yesterday; and I can’t depend on tomorrow.  This is why Today Matters.

Yesterday is gone – as a matter of fact, it ended last night.  Whether good or bad, yesterday can do us no good.  If we’ve had some good days in the past, that’s great.  Thank God for those days.  It would be unproductive, however, to be so caught up on past accomplishments, that it hinders us from moving forward.  Some people get stuck in the past forever.

Trust me, with years of playing basketball I know.  I know people who are still caught up in their “glory days” letting their high school basketball careers define them, exaggerating their abilities as the years pass by.  Come on’, you know what I’m talking about…you know how it is…the older you get, the better you were.

No matter what happened in the past, today lies a new day with new possibilities.  No matter how much we’ve accomplished in the past, we cannot move forward off of that alone.  We can remember, but we can’t think for one second that reminiscing on our past accomplishments will lead to future success.  It is impossible to celebrate your way to becoming successful.

Tomorrow isn’t here – a lot of people think that the future is destined to be bigger and better for them.  Sure, that sounds good.  But tomorrow is nothing without today’s preparation.  It’s like a farmer expecting his crop to grow without ever planting any seeds.  It won’t happen.  You’re future will slowly become your past if you don’t prepare for it today.

Today – Benjamin Franklin once said “One today is worth two tomorrows.”  With this in mind, I submit that today must not be taken for granted.  Our ancestors fought for our today and yet daily, we don’t live each day to its fullest potential.  In other words…Today Matters.  Today is important.  Today is yours.  Today is your future.

With God, nothing is impossible…

© David McGhee


One thought on “Today Matters”

  1. This quote goes along with what you’re talking about.

    “You must guard against elation. Do not look at the past as a thing that should be satisfying; look at it only as something in general that was well done. Thank God for it, but go and do something better.” -Robert Morrison

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