Do you have a Pact?



Do you have a Pact?  This is a question you should ask yourself.  

A Pact can be described as an agreement or a covenant – a step that you take in effort to accomplish a certain goal.  For example, The Three Doctors penned a book titled The PACT: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream.  As teenagers, these young men from Newark, NJ – a town very similar to Flint, MI – formed a PACT. 

Their PACT affirmed that they would stick together, go to college, and become doctors – no matter what it took.  Through this Pact, they did just that.  Dr. Jenkins is a professor of dentistry at Columbia; Dr. Hunt is an internist and dean at Princeton; and Dr. Davis is an emergency room physician at two New York area hospitals.  They still support each other to this day, and they have started their very own foundation to encourage the formation of positive peer and mentor relationships: 

I had a chance to meet the Three Doctors a few years ago in Orlando, FL, and their story is very inspiring.  That being said, at this very moment in our lives, God has given all of us a sense of genius and there is no reason why we can’t form Pact’s of our own.  Developing a Pact can be very helpful.  I’m in a Pact of my own with a few other individuals – who are in line with my personal and professional aspirations. 

So my challenge is that we take the friendships we have one step further and develop Pacts; Pacts that lead toward a common goal, Pacts that will lead us one step closer to being the person God has created us all to be. 

When you talk about making the impossible possible…I sat back and asked myself, what was the magic ingredient?  The magic ingredient was the power of our friendship.  We had all that we needed in each other.  So what that we didn’t have this and we didn’t have that…and we didn’t have the finances and we didn’t have the academic scores initially.  So what…we had each other!  And that’s all we needed, that’s all we needed to make it happen! – Dr. Sampson Davis, The Three Doctors 

With God, nothing is impossible… 

© David McGhee


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