Silent and Listen are spelled with the same letters

The culture in which we live in today is very scary.  With the mediums of Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, emails, etc. we are lured to talking and spreading information each and every chance we get.  Well contrary to popular belief, I subscribe to the notion that at times we must simply SHUT UP!

When we speak too quickly, many dangerous things can happen, but for the sake of this blog I would like to highlight two:

  1. We run the risk of mistaking our speech for the actual action that needs to take place and we end up not doing what needs to be done.  In this, we talk out of our head and not out of our heart.  Out of what we think and not always what we believe…there is a difference.
  2. We run the risk of sharing our dreams, hopes, thoughts, and aspirations with someone who may not have our best interest at heart.  Remember, everyone we encounter isn’t “For us” some people are only “For what we are for” or “Against what we are against”.

There is great value in spending more time thinking about things before we say them.  Too often we speak irrationally and we are trapped by the words of our mouth.  The ability to be an effective thinker is vitally important to our holistic development.

Yes we are smart people, yes we are insightful people, and yes we are gifted and talented people.  If we don’t think, however, all of our intelligence, all of our insightfulness, and all of our talents may take us places where our character can’t keep us.  Just something to think about…

One of my favorite quotes, from one of the greatest minds of our lifetime:  “The person that out thinks you, rules you.” Dr. Calvin Mackie

With God, nothing is impossible…

© David McGhee


4 thoughts on “Silent and Listen are spelled with the same letters”

  1. Well said and it sounds like you practiced this yourself with this blog. Very thoughtful comment.

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