Get Out of Jail

Don’t think you’re in jail?  Think again!  In some capacity we all are.  The funny thing is…we build these jails ourselves.  In our jail there is a loss of liberty, independence, and even choice.  When we lose these things in our lives, however, we very rarely look at what we may have done to impose these circumstances on ourselves.  Why?  Because it is natural to look at all of the external things that prevent us from becoming the person we want to be or doing the things we want to do.

Get Out of Jail free card
Get Out of Jail free card

Yes, there are things that happen beyond our control but that is exactly what they are – beyond our control.  But we build a jail for ourselves when we make the mistake of doing the same things today that we did yesterday.  Our actions define who we are, not our words and more importantly not the words of others.  Our success, joy, happiness, nor peace of mind should depend on the actions or words of anyone else.  This jail we build for ourselves is built with bricks of fear, being scared to dream, and the thought that the world won’t accept us for simply being ourselves.

God created us all with spiritual gifts that are so special.  He has also impregnated us with a sense of purpose that only we can give birth to.  To bring these things into fruition, for the betterment of ourselves and others, we must first get out of jail!

With God, nothing is impossible…

© David McGhee


2 thoughts on “Get Out of Jail”

  1. David,

    You hit the proverbial nail on the head. Some time around middle school we are forced to evacuate our “make believe” world and coerced in to preparing for the “real world”. A real world that is equipped with a one size fits all destiny. Eventually we buy in to the propaganda and allow fear to consume us. We become fearful that we will not meet the standards of the society in which we live.

    Seemingly, the ones who never left or returned to that make believe world are the ones who are truly free. They understand that peace of mind and all that it entails is not concrete and can’t be quantified by any other individual or groups, rather it is a very abstract concept that is constructed from what an individual makes out of what it is that they believe.


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