Are you a Driver or a Passenger?

I was recently reading the book Monday Morning Leadership, for about the third or fourth time. Every so often, I re-read books that I’ve read once before simply because as I grow I see/read things differently. This book shares concepts that I can surely relate to, but one of them sticks out more than others: Drivers and Passengers. Now, many of us have our driver’s license, but this alone doesn’t make us good drivers.

When I first received my license I just knew that I was going to be the best driver in the world. However, all it took was my first speeding ticket to realize that driving was a bit more difficult than I thought. So you may ask how did I get the ticket…well, yea…I was speeding. But that really wasn’t what got me the ticket. What got me the ticket; was me failing to understand the difference between being a driver and being a passenger. As a driver my responsibilities were different from when I was just a passenger in a car. And so it is with all of us. As we transition into becoming the person God created us all to be – we must prepare to go from passenger to driver.

As passengers we are free to do things that a driver can’t do. But as a driver, we must focus on the road and cannot get distracted. Driving the car, we can’t always ‘fool around’ and listen to loud music, reach for things in the back seat, pull down the mirror and brush or fix our hair. We also can’t (shouldn’t) text message while driving the car; where as a passenger, all of these things seem to be ok.

The same thing applies if we want to take the next step in leading our own lives. As leaders we lose some of the freedom that we may have had in the past. There will be things we can no longer do; places we can no longer go, and people that we can no longer hang with. There will be times when we have to ride by ourselves in order to get to our destination – because those who may want to ride with us will be a distraction. Furthermore, we can’t always ride in their car either because they may not be going where we are trying to go.

At this point in your life, the car and the destination is your responsibility. Not you’re moms, not your dads, or your siblings. Not your boss, principal, professor, and with all due respect not even your pastor’s. It is up to you. How we drive our cars, and the cars we get into, could very well determine what happens to us for the rest of our lives.

In other words, we must drive our lives…and not just be along for the ride.

With God, nothing is impossible…

© David McGhee


3 thoughts on “Are you a Driver or a Passenger?”

  1. This was really good. Taking responsibility for where we are in life is something that people fail to do everyday. This is a great lesson and illustration of what we all should be doing. Driving and striving to do the things God intended for us to do! Great work!

  2. David, this is a great post! The choice is ultimately ours, whether we’ll ride or drive. Living, I’ve realized that not everyone has the ability to drive.

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