Life Lessons from My Grandmother’s Daughter

A well-known musician once wrote: “I’m in love with two women; the one that birthed me and the one that birthed her.”

Mothers, believe it or not, embody the true essence of leadership.  The role of a mother; encompasses a wealth of wisdom, unique to the world and not found in any other human being.  This leadership can be transitioned to life lessons, we carry with us every single day – and may not even know it.

(Take a moment to think about things that your mother has told you, that you’ll never forget.)

My mother has taught me many things throughout my life.  And to this day, she still teaches me things…even when I don’t realize it.  Her words are simple, but POWERFUL!

Two of the most important things my mother taught me were 1) To believe in God, and 2) To believe in myself.  She furthermore, taught me how these two things would be responsible for who I would become as a person.

I thank God for her.  As I think of her leadership, and the foundation she set, she was the type that never sent me to church.  She took me!  I mean, when I was growing up, she made sure that I participated in church activities – usher board, youth choir, children’s church, Easter speeches, Christmas speeches, Christmas plays, Easter plays.  She had me in so much stuff; I used to think that she just started to make up things, just for me to have something to do.  As much as I didn’t understand it then, I must say that those experiences have helped me tremendously.  And whenever God decides that it’s time for me to have children…I’m sure they’ll be mad at me the same way in which I was mad at her at the time, because I will be doing the same thing.  My mother understood, and still understands, that idle time is the enemy of success.  So she made sure that my opportunities to do nothing, were very limited – True Leadership!

I think we can agree that any leader should be active, attentive, appreciative, and always helping, the leadership lessons I’ve learned from my mother, however, far exceed these things.

“I love you tomorrow”, is a phrase my mother tells me almost daily.  This phrase in itself is odd, because it is one that is not uttered often. But it grabs my attention every single time she says it.  This lets me know that, no matter what happens, she loves me…and she’ll love me tomorrow too!

“A mother’s love is incalculable.  They empower us to develop the courage to be ourselves.  This is priceless.” – David McGhee

With God, nothing is impossible…

© David McGhee


3 thoughts on “Life Lessons from My Grandmother’s Daughter”

  1. To believe in god and believe in ones self! Powerful, question are they unique, interchangable, or complimentary idea`s?

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