“What’s up, Doc?”

‘What’s Up?’ is a term that is widely used across our nation – especially amongst the younger generation.  It seems as if, when a group of young people get together, these two words are the first thing that comes out of their mouth.  The handle “up” has evolved and has found itself attached to many words in our twenty-first-century vocabulary.

What’s Up!  Shut Up!  Even, Man Up!

There have even been authors, such as Susan Johnson Cook, who have penned books on how we attach “up” to the words in our vocabulary.  As you can see, this has become a constant phenomenon.  With this in mind, as we lead and live our lives, the handle “up” has more value than we may think.

The first, Show Up! There are 1,440 minutes in each day.  We must ‘show up’ during every waking moment in our lives.

After we Show Up! We must Stand Up! Stand up and be noticed!  Stand up for what is right!  When we stand up, we give others the permission to do the same.

After we Stand Up! We must Speak Up! We should never let anyone else speak for us.  If we allow this privilege, we run the risk of letting others define us.

After we Speak Up! We must Book Up! It is no secret that your bookshelf says a lot about the type of person you are.  I’m not suggesting that reading is the determining factor to your success, but it will allow you to learn more had you not picked up a book.

After we Book Up!  We must Listen Up! There is a time to speak and a time to listen.  At times we must be still and just hear God speak.

After we Listen Up!  We must Hang Up! To everything, there is a season.  There is value in assessing our current affiliations with people, businesses, and organizations.  If they aren’t helping us move forward…we have to hang em’ up!

After we Hang Up!  We must Make Up! When people hurt us, it is a must that we forgive them.  If we don’t, we won’t be able to prosper.  Staying angry too long is not good.  That energy can be used for something positive.

After we Make Up!  We must Wake Up! There is greatness inside each and every one of us.  We have to wake up to it.  Wake up to the endless possibilities that God has allowed for us to benefit from.  The only thing that comes to a sleeper is a dream.  We must wake up and strive to make our dreams reality.

After we Wake Up!  We must Cheer Up! On all accounts, regardless of our circumstances, things could be worst.  To live and lead with our best selves, we must cheer up!

And lastly, after we Cheer Up!  We must never forget to Look Up! There is a power that is greater than you, me, and any other human being.  We must not be afraid to Look Up and get our strength from God.

With God, nothing is impossible…

© David McGhee


4 thoughts on ““What’s up, Doc?””

  1. POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the way you “built” on this most important term. Accountability is the key in everything you mentioned – to ourselves, others, as well as to our “community.” I hope many read & digest the importance of what you have written here. Keep it up – you are “doing some REAL good in the neighborhood!”

  2. Show up, Book up, and Look up were the three that stood out and I found to that I can relate and apply to my life. David keep up the good work! Im looking forward to more from McGhee’s Manifesto.

  3. Standing Ovation. David McGhee, smh. Very, very, very well stated. There is so much….uh…mmm… “Meat” for lack of better terms in your article here. I never thought of how many words has been reinvented to incorporate the word up…lol (word up). This was definitely worth reading, worth the time, and most of all enlightening. I even bookmarked this page so I can stay tuned and follow your growth. I wish more of our peers were doing something that is at the least “Honorable Mention” worthy. I am definitely proud to say,” I went to middle school with this guy”, and know that after reading just this and this alone, the best is yet to come from you. David be blessed, and continue to take the backseat, while Jesus guides you through life.

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