Are You COOL?


Are You Creative?

I know that sticking to the status quo is very attractive, but that doesn’t lead to change.  Don’t be afraid to be creative in all that you do.  Yes, everything!  Dig this, the top 10 jobs that were in demand in 2010…didn’t even exist in 2004!  Creativity has, and always will, shape the world.  Give it a try, it may shape you too.


Are You Original?

As we live, learn, and lead we must be original.  There is nothing better than being okay with whom we are.  And, quite frankly, there is nothing worse than being okay with whom we aren’t.  Being original is the only way to be affective, the only way to be genuine, the only way to be yourself.


Are You Obliging?

This is another word for helpful, kind, considerate.  One mistake we all make, is not always offering the same gestures and respect that we have come to appreciate from others.  We want people to be helpful, kind, and considerate toward us…always.  We don’t wake up thinking “I hope someone is mean to me today.”  Yet, we aren’t always this same way toward others.  Being obliging, in many respects, is the same as sowing seeds.  Without this doing this, we don’t grow.


Are you Learning?

Learning isn’t just reserved for the brick and mortar of classrooms and universities.  There are opportunities to learn all around us, in the world we live in.  Remember, what we’ve already learned is one thing.  What we haven’t learned, however, is a totally different story.

Being COOL, can get you a long way in life and leadership.  Be COOL!

With God, nothing is impossible…

© David McGhee


3 thoughts on “Are You COOL?”

  1. Thanks David these post alway come right on time.
    Once again you have given me food for the brain to keep me moving on.
    Love You

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