Hey Little Brother…

Hey Little Brother,

I know you are facing many challenges.  It is no secret that from an early age, predictions are being made on you and your peers.  Predictions of your academic ability, social competency, dropout rate, incarceration rate, and so on and so forth.

I know there are several problems and issues that come your way – and yet, you are still faced with the daunting task of being successful.  Why?  Because if you fail – others fail also!

Now as I think upon the many challenges in your life, I am reminded of the scripture, I Samuel, 17th chapter, versus 32-37.  This passage speaks to David preparing for the battle against Goliath.

During this time, David, a young boy, appeared to have more courage than all of Israel.  He approached Saul and attempted to put his heart at ease as well as the rest of those in fear.  At this time, Saul and others considered David to be too young, too weak and too inexperienced to enter into such a battle.

David, however, was intelligent enough to realize that the same God whom saved him from the bears and the lions that came to attack him and his sheep – is the same God that will deliver him from Goliath.  Now this draws to two very different outlooks.

David attacked the Lion and the Bear in a defensive state as they came against him and his sheep.  This situation with Goliath is a little different.  Whereas the Lion and the Bear were enemies to David; Goliath, in this sense, is an enemy to God and his people.  These are two very different approaches to battle; reactive and proactive.

Above all, however, even before telling Saul he would fight.  Even before shedding the armor they put on him (they wanted David to dress in their clothes and not his own).  Even before picking up the stones and defeating this giant.  David had to have the Courage to Conquer.

You too possess the Courage to Conquer.  You too can conquer the giants in your life.  Young or old, we all possess the Courage to Conquer.  We just have to exercise the abilities in which God has placed inside of each and every one of us.

David recognized this.  He recognized that his battle with this giant was defending God.  Therefore he could not fail.  If you keep God first, you can’t fail either.

Your brother,

David McGhee


One thought on “Hey Little Brother…”

  1. Thank you so much for these wise words of wisdom David, In those moments of life when I feel discouraged I will remember that I must muster up my ” COURAGE TO CONQUER”

    – Samuel Hall IV

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