Do You Have A Giant?

Sir Issac Newton once said “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants”.   In recent times, rapper Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has been quoted saying “A midget standing on a giants shoulder, can see much further than the giant.”  Whichever phrase/quote you prefer or are familiar with, this point should not be overlooked.

As a society, we do a good job at collecting things.  As a kid, I collected basketball cards, and when I got older I began to collect sneakers.   The tendency to collect things almost seems natural.  Think about it.  Sports cards or sneakers may not be your passion.  But be it coins, stamps, refrigerator magnets, shot glasses, hand bags, books, or something else, there is a good chance that you collect something.  Studies show that one in every three Americans collect something.

I say this to say, imagine how different our lives would be if we collected people.  Yes people!  No, I’m not suggesting that you kidnap people and hide them in your basement.  I am insisting, however, that we build strong relationships with others; relationships that can be beneficial to our personal and professional futures.  Yes, I am insisting that we collect Giants.

On The Shoulders Of Giants

Giants help guide you in life’s journey, showing you the opportunity within the obstacles.  Giants speak up for you and speak out for you, at times when you aren’t even around.  Giants can be found anywhere.  When you find one, consider yourself blessed – and make sure you collect him/her.  While we know that our own education and insights will take us to great heights, being on the shoulders of Giants will help us see (achieve) that much more.

With God, nothing is impossible…

© David McGhee


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