What Drives Your Life, Day 3 – Purpose Driven Life

The title of Day 3 is What Drives Your Life?  I’ve read this book many times before and Day 3 still remains to be one of my favorite chapters.  What drives my life?  That is one of the deepest and toughest questions I’ve ever asked myself.

…what ultimately matters most will not be what others say about your life but what God says.

In this chapter, the author speaks of a young man, who in college had a goal to be his schools tennis champion.  Once he became champion, he felt proud to have his trophy displayed for all to see.  Years went by, and one day his trophy was mailed to him.  The school was remodeled and his trophy was found in the trashcan.  This teaches us the difference between an earthly legacy, and an eternal legacy.

I reflect back to my high schools years as an athlete and though I was a pretty good player, my aim and focus was always to be better; to play more minutes; to score more points.  Reflecting back, however, I see that the minutes I spend with God and doing His work, are far more important than the minutes on the basketball court.  Furthermore, my former high school is now closed and similar trophies have been trashed.  But the work we do for the Lord will never be trashed.  To put things in perspective, there are several things that can negatively drive our lives.  Below are five of the most

Guilt: Spending life running from regrets and hiding their shame.

Resentment and Anger: Holding on to hurts and never getting over them.

Fear: Traumatic experiences, unrealistic expectations, or even genetic disposition. (These people miss great opportunities because they are afraid to venture out)

Materialism: The desire to acquire (things) becomes the whole goal of their lives.

The need for approval: Allowing the expectations of others control their lives.

As we move forward it is imperative that our lives are driven by the right things.  Anything things else, is just a waste of time…and a waste of our purpose.

Ask Yourself: What would my family and friends say is the driving force of my life?  What do I want it to be?

© David McGhee


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