Planned for God’s Pleasure, Day 8 – Purpose Driven Life

One week down and now we enter into Day 8, Planned for God’s Pleasure.  In reflecting on our lives it is imperative to know that we are here because God saw fit for us to be here, he wanted us here.  He didn’t have to create us.  He did so because he wanted to.

Our five senses, those which we use to evaluate our pleasure and enjoyment, came from God.  Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching.  God has feelings and emotions just like we do.

When we bring pleasure to God that is a form of worship.  This is essential because, believe it or not, we ALL worship something.  The danger is, when we don’t worship God we always seem to find a substitute.  Many people who don’t worship God find themselves worshiping themselves, money, sex, drugs, etc.

Worship isn’t defined by going to church.  Worship is a lifestyle.

This reading has challenged me, really!  It has challenged me to make every aspect of my life, and my actions, as if they were being done for God and specifically for His glory.  Everything!  Day 8 also puts me at ease a bit too, I must admit.  It is refreshing to read that God is concerned with my worship in all of my actions, not just on Sunday. Lastly, the phrase that comes to mind in reflecting on Day 8 is ‘worship God isn’t a nice thing to do. It’s necessary!’

Ask Yourself: What common task could I start doing as if I were doing it directly for Jesus?

© David McGhee


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