What Makes God Smile?, Day 9 – Purpose Driven Life

Day 9!  “What Makes God Smile?”  This is such a powerful, bold, courageous question.  A question that is tough to answer, because deep down inside we know what makes Him smile, but answering the question is declaring to live better!  Though the question is tough, I love it!  I love the challenge I am now taking to make God smile…every second, every minute, every hour, and for all of my days.  This is now my life’s goal, to make Him smile!

What God wants most from you is a relationship.

Why such a great declaration for the rest of my life?  I’m glad you asked!  I need to do this, and I want to do this.  I now see that God really wants the same things that we want as humans.  Day 9 tells us that God wants: Love – we want that, Trust – we want this, Obedience – we want this (especially from our children or any subordinates through work, etc.), Praise and Thanks – whether we admit to it or not we all like to be praised and thanked because it makes us feel good; and lastly, Use of Abilities – as humans we feel at our best when we are exercising what we believe to be our abilities.

Example, I get so much joy out of shooting a basketball.  Whether I am playing in a championship game, or just shooting around in the driveway.  I get joy from this that is unexplainable.  I love it!  Why?  Because I feel as if God gave me a gift to be able to shoot a basketball rather well, and I love doing that!

My greatest take-away from this chapter is this: When we bring God joy, we increase our own joy.  This is so powerful!

Ask Yourself: Since God knows what is best, in what areas of my life do I need to trust him most?

© David McGhee


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