Becoming Best Friends with God, Day 11 – Purpose Driven Life

Day 11, Becoming Best Friends with God, was extremely good.  Great to be exact!  In this chapter Rick Warren writes: “We don’t praise God to feel good, but to do good.”  This is powerful!

When we think of what it takes for someone to earn the title best friend, we understand that they serve a critical role in our lives.  They are the first people we go to when we need someone to talk to.  They are there when we are up and there when we are down.  The best part is this, no matter what condition we are in when we come to them, they are always there with open arms.

There are two primary ways we can become best friends with God:

1.       Through constant conversation

This goes beyond just attending church once per week.  It is good to go to church on a regular basis, but God wants (and deserves) more than an appointment in our schedules.  Often times we get this thing called prayer confused…as if we really have to adjust/pause our regular life/routine in order to worship.  This is so far from the truth.  We can do this daily.  In fact, we must!  We can pray without ceasing…all the time, anywhere.

2.       Through continual meditation

This, too, goes beyond our regular tradition.  Meditation encourages us to meditate on who God is, what He has done, and what He has said.  We can do this by thinking about His word all throughout our day.

You can’t love God unless you know Him, and you can’t know Him without knowing His word.

I am grateful of the reminder of keeping our mind stayed on Him.  So often we lose this.  We fill our lives with ‘breaks’ too much.  We need a ‘break’ from work, so we vacation or go out for drinks.  We need a ‘break’ from the kids, so we send them to relatives and baby sitters.  We need a break here and a break there, we feel, in order to do something else.  Well, I’m so glad that we don’t need a break from ANYTHING in order to spend time with God.  We can multi-task when it comes to Him, and He loves when we do so.

Ask Yourself:  What can I do to remind myself to think about God and talk to him more often throughout the day?

© David McGhee


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