What Matters Most, Day 16 – Purpose Driven Life

Day 16 is titled What Matters Most.  It is shocking, I must admit, to read that the most important thing is love; that love is what matters most.  I say shocking because, it is easy to believe that doing the right thing or acting right or appearing to be nice and perfect is what is considered Godly – the Godliest thing we can do.  When actually, it isn’t!  It isn’t about being nice, or acting ‘like a Christian’ as the world says.  It is truly, deeply, and sincerely about loving people.

Life is about love.

So how do we make this shift?  I think we make this shift by truly embracing the fact of treating others the way we would like to be treated, and loving others as we love ourselves.  We don’t curse ourselves, hurt ourselves, or talk bad about ourselves – so we shouldn’t with others either.

Ask Yourself: Honestly, are relationships my first priority?  How can I ensure that they are?

© David McGhee


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