Experiencing Life Together, Day 18 – Purpose Driven Life

Experiencing Life Together is the title of Day 18.  This chapter focuses on true fellowship.  Not going to church, going to the evening service, and staying after for dinner – but true fellowship.

This type of fellowship is similar to how we view our true friendships, and relationships with others.  Daily we interact with several people…hundreds maybe.  Only a few, however, are our true, close friends.  Jesus recognized this as he went throughout life, having twelve disciples.

When it comes to fellowship, size matters: smaller is better.  You can worship with a crowd, but you can’t fellowship with one.

Today’s reading further explains Experiencing Life Together in the following way:

In real fellowship people experience authenticity, which is genuine heart-to-heart, sometimes gut-level sharing.  Not just “church talk” where people often pretend, have shallow conversations, and offer superficial politeness.

In real fellowship people experience mutuality, which is the art of giving and receiving; depending on each other.

In real fellowship people experience sympathy, not always giving advice or cosmetic help, but sharing the pain of others.

In real fellowship people experience mercy, which is a place of grace; where mistakes aren’t rubbed in but rubbed out.

Ask Yourself: What one step can I take today to connect with another believer at a more genuine, heart-to-heart level?

© David McGhee


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