Cultivating Community, Day 19 – Purpose Driven Life

Day 19, Cultivating Community, focuses on relationship building; which is essential.  Fellowship is real!  However, we approach fellowship the wrong way.  We go along with the motions and call what we do fellowship, but we aren’t being honest with ourselves.

When conflict is handled correctly, we grow closer to each other.

Once we establish relationships, we must cultivate them.  This chapter has challenged me, and I am so excited to feel me growing closer to God and His word.  This cultivating process requires the following:

Honesty – caring enough to speak the truth.

Humility – Not being prideful.  Pride builds walls; humility builds bridges.

Courtesy – respecting differences, and being patient with others.

Confidentiality – avoiding gossip at all costs.

Frequency – frequent, regular contact with other believers.

Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.

Ask Yourself: How can I help cultivate today the characteristics of real community in my small group at my church?

© David McGhee


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