Restoring Broken Fellowship, Day 20 – Purpose Driven Life

Day 20 focuses on Restoring Broken Fellowship.  There is an art to restoring broken fellowship and “peace” is at the center of it.  With all that I have been through in the past, and all that God has in store for me, this chapter really hit home.

God expects you to make the first move.

For one, I am more confident in my spirit to maintain peace.  I have been told in the past that trying to be a peacemaker was a bad thing.  After this reading, I now see that this is what Jesus was.  Also, those who sought to bring peace were called God’s children.  As I seek peace, I will no longer care if people disagree with me, because God doesn’t!

I also like how this reading makes it clear that peacemaking is not avoiding conflict.  Conflict isn’t a bad thing, if we approach it and deal with it the right way.

Sometimes we need to avoid conflict, sometimes we need to create it, and sometimes we need to resolve it.

However, we should never be afraid of it.

Ask Yourself: What do I need to restore a broken fellowship with today?

© David McGhee


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