Created to Become Like Christ, Day 22 – Purpose Driven Life

After reading Day 22, Created to Become Like Christ, I realize how much growth I still have within me.  It is comforting, refreshing, and eye-opening to know that God is working to develop our character, not to provide comfort.

In addition to other things, today’s reading tells us this important truth: God uses his Word, people, and circumstances to mold us.  He is concerned with who we are (deeply within), more so than what we do.  Our careers can never compensate for our character.

Your character is essentially the sum of your habits.

This very fact allows me to look at my situations as extremely unique.  God takes us through things (His way) to develop our character.  The way our character gets developed may be different than how others get their character developed.  With this in mind, we shouldn’t look at the lives of others and compare them to ours, but we should look toward Christ.

Ask Yourself: In what area of my life do I need to as for the Spirit’s power to be like Christ today?

© David McGhee


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