Transformed by Truth, Day 24 – Purpose Driven Life

You can always trust the truth!  Day 24, Transformed by Truth, reminds us of that.

Furthermore, Day 24 reminds us not to mistake the world’s wisdom, for God’s word.  We must be rooted in Him in order for our lives to bear fruit.  God’s word is truly the beginning and end of all things, and we must treat it as such.

God’s Word is the spiritual nourishment you must have to fulfill your purpose.

Rick Warren also reminds us, in this reading, that we must feed off of God’s word; it us our nourishment.  This is abiding in His word.  We can do this in five ways:

First, receive God’s word!  Listening to it, and accepting it, with an open attitude.

Second, read God’s word!  Many of us are more faithful at reading the daily newspaper than the bible.

Third, researching God’s word!  Asking questions and writing down our insights.

Fourth, remember God’s word!  We remember what is important to us.  If God’s word is important, we will take time to remember it.

Fifth, reflect on God’s word!  We can do this through meditation.

Ask Yourself: What has God already told me in his Word that I haven’t started doing yet?

© David McGhee


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