Defeating Temptation, Day 27 – Purpose Driven Life

Defeating Temptation, Day 27, is something we all must master.  The way to do it is to keep our mind stayed on Jesus and focus on what really matters, not what makes us feel good or comfortable.

It is easier to stay out of temptation than to get out if it.

This reading tells us that whatever we can’t talk about is already out of control.  Deep!  We all need to overcome some temptations in our lives, and we can do so if we fill my mind with God, not with the thought of overcoming them.  The author outlines 4 biblical keys to defeat temptation:

  1. Refocus your attention on something else
  2. Reveal your struggle to a godly friend or support group
  3. Resist the devil
  4. Realize your vulnerability

I am refreshed after this reading.

© David McGhee

Ask Yourself: Who could I ask to be a spiritual partner to help me defeat a persistent temptation by praying for me?


One thought on “Defeating Temptation, Day 27 – Purpose Driven Life”

  1. WOW! I’m not really religious at all, but I truly think this is inspirational, and you know its real coming from me! This will be something I will incorporate in my life, expect a call my godly friend. thanks…

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