Thinking Like a Servant, Day 34 – Purpose Driven Life

Day 34, Thinking Like a Servant, was a great and simple read.  It is simple, “Service starts in your mind.”

Why the rest of the world seeks to be successful, God wants us (His children) to be servants.  Once we get this thought process down, all things great will follow.

This reading tells us:

1. Think more of others than ourselves!
Not always easy.

2. Think like stewards, not owners.
Not always easy.

3. Think about our work, not what others are doing.
Not always easy.

4. Base our identity on Christ.
Not always easy.  We care, mostly, what others think of us. Ex. Our boss, peers, spouse, the clothes we wear, cars we drive, homes we live in, etc.

5. Think of ministry as an opportunity, not an obligation.
Not always easy.

These things may not be easy, but they are essential.  I encourage you to find someone who will help keep you accountable as you further develop these five things in your life.

Ask Yourself: Am I usually more concerned about being served or finding ways to serve others?

© David McGhee


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