Made for a Mission, Day 36 – Purpose Driven Life

We must care about what God cares about!  Plain and simple!  What I like about this chapter is that it talks about two great choices we all have:  1.) To impress people, or 2.) To influence people.  I choose the latter.

…no matter how contented or successful people appear to be, without Christ they are hopelessly lost and headed for eternal separation from God.

It is my mission to tell people about God; matter of fact, it is my duty!  We can all do better in this area, in ways as simple as attempting to lead at least one person to Christ every year for the rest of our lives.  Just think how powerful this would be!

Day 36 reminds us that it is easy to get distracted from what we are supposed to be doing, our mission, because the devil would rather us do anything besides sharing our faith.  The devil doesn’t care how many good things we do, as long as we don’t take anyone to heaven with us.  It is when we are serious about our mission that the devil tries to know us off our path.  Jesus said, however: “Anyone who lets himself be distracted from the work I plan for him is not fit for the Kingdom of God.”

I want God to say, “Well done my son”, at the end of my life.  This is my goal, my mission.  This reading also tells us that there are certain people who only we can reach.  This is major.  To sum it all up, we need to live each day like it may be my last, in the sense of telling as many people as we can about God.

Ask Yourself: What fears have kept me from fulfilling the mission God made me to accomplish? What keeps me from telling others the Good News?

© David McGhee


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