Balancing Your Life, Day 39 – Purpose Driven Life

One day away from completing this journey of 40 Days of Purpose.  It is weird, but good, to see that the Bible looks at ‘balance’ in our lives totally different from how we normally look at it.  From the start of this reading, we are told to live life with a responsibility…as if we know the true meaning of life, not as if we don’t.

Blessed are the balanced; they shall outlast everyone.

The life we need to live, and the balance we need comes from:

1. Spiritual partner or group.
We tend to think balance is just hanging with the fellas/or ladies outside of work or home.

2. Regular spiritual check-up.
We don’t do this enough.  Hell, men have a hard enough time going to get a regular check up.

3. Write our spiritual lessons/experiences in a journal.
We take notes on others, and other things, more than ourselves.

4. Pass on what we know to others.
Out of them all, we probably do this the best.  The sad thing is we still don’t do it enough.

Ask Yourself: Which of the four activities will I begin in order to stay on track and balance God’s five purposes for my life?

© David McGhee


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