Your Life in 3D

In recent years, 3D films have taken the world by storm.  These films enhance the illusion of depth perception, which allows us to see films in a deeper, more meaningful way.  Our very own lives, I believe, can also benefit from a 3D point of view.

Your Life in 3D

Your life in 3D:


Deep down inside you lies an urge, a desire to do something that will be a great contribution to society.  That something, more often than not, is what you have been called to do.  We are operating at our best when we have discovered that thing that makes us feel good inside – when this is the right thing, it makes us great!  Discover…


Once you discover that which you have been born to do, you must develop it.  In the same way successful athletes go to practice early and stay late; and how musicians devote hours and hours of practice, only to perform a four minutes song – develop your gift, your craft, your purpose, your reason for living. Develop…


Lastly, deliver it to the world.  Believe it or not, the world is waiting on you to deliver YOU.  I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, “during your lifetime you are likely to influence at least 10,000 people.”  This statement is true, and you aren’t exempt from it.  Pause for a moment and think of people who our world reveres as great.  Really take a moment and come up with a few names.  Guess what?  At some point and time, the world was waiting on them too.  Deliver…

McGhee’s Manifesto: “Live!  Don’t just wait to die.”

With God, nothing is impossible…

© David McGhee



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