Ordinary is Your Enemy

Until you believe that you can do extraordinary things, you never will.  Many of us dream of doing extraordinary things, but deep down inside we don’t think we can.  Why?  Because it’s easy to dream, but acting on those dreams and believing in them is a bit difficult.  Having a dream isn’t that hard, you know.  You can fall asleep and have one.  Truly believing that you can do that which is extraordinary, however, trumps any dream any day (or night).

It is a crime, in my opinion, to be okay with ordinary.  In fact, ordinary is your enemy.  Each and every one of us is uniquely designed to be extraordinary.  We are the same, yet so different.  No two people walking the face of this earth have finger prints that are the same.  This alone should propel you to embrace your uniqueness.  Once you do this, you can see beyond your dreams, you can see beyond ordinary.  I’ve learned that there are four types of people on the path to being extraordinary.

  1. Those who never see; never believe.  They just wake up daily, and go through the motions.
  2. Those who only see.  They are too afraid to believe in what they see or act on anything.
  3. Those who see and believe.  These individuals mostly achieve great success, but it stops there.
  4. Those who see, believe, and help others.  These individuals are extraordinary.

“No one can make you be an extraordinary person.  You have to pull it out of yourself, yourself.” – McGhee’s Manifesto

With God, nothing is impossible…

© David McGhee


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