Turning Statistics into Solutions

Today’s world is full of statistics – Good, Bad, Alarming, Meaningless. You name it, they exist! Every facet of our lives has a set of statistics attached to it, regardless of our race, gender, age, or social economic standing.

Statistics into Solutions
Statistics into Solutions

For example, we live in a country where the unemployment rate hovers around 9 percent. Sadly, African-Americans make up 17 percent of this number. Furthermore, when you look at some metropolitan cities, African-American males share an unemployment rate of 50 percent!

These statistics are just an example of the negative statistics that exist. Even if you are employed, there are many statistics that haunt you too. Just pause to think about the negative forces and statistics that are centered on who you are, where you are, or where you are trying to go in your life. They are there, but that doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to them. Let the world do what the world is going to do with statistics. You, my friend, stay focused on solutions!

So, how do we turn statistics into solutions?

  1. Look within yourself first – Don’t let the media headlines teach you or the television tutor you. Look deep within yourself and find your greatness. Too often we look elsewhere for answers that we already have ourselves.
  2. Don’t allow where you are poison who you are – We can’t control where we are born, nor can we control all of the extraneous forces that confront us. You may not be living in the most desirable city, and you may not have the job of your dreams, but don’t allow this to poison the great person that you are and where you are heading in life.
  3. Break the cycle – This is where it gets personal. Every family has a cycle of something negative that exist. Many families also have a history of abuse, addiction, or low academic achievement. Whatever that “thing” is in your family, find it and break the cycle.

With God, nothing is impossible…

© David McGhee


3 thoughts on “Turning Statistics into Solutions”

  1. I am in the business of changing outcomes for black males. I currently direct a black male initiative at a two year college. I am always seraching for the other soldeiers who are out here doing the work. i will be passing your info along to my network.

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