Why You Should Root for the Underdog

The underdog is that participant that isn’t expected to win.  In every fight, conflict, battle, game, etc., there is an individual(s) that is not predicted to triumph.

Since the beginning of time, there has always been an underdog.  People know who they are, but they don’t receive the same amount of attention as the favorite.  The underdog isn’t the first choice for the record deal, or the shoe contract, or the executive position at the fortune 500 company.  Let’s face it.  Not many people purchase tickets to see the underdog.  Again, people know they exist, but the attention the favorite receives significantly trumps that of the underdog.

Oh, but when the underdog prevails there is a common resounding theme.  “I knew they always had it in them”, people will often say.

It isn’t uncommon for us to want the underdog to prevail.  It is uncommon, however, for underdogs to receive the amount of attention they deserve.

Regardless of our accomplishments, or lack thereof, each of us has an underdog within us.  Find it.  Root for it.  In due time, it will prevail.

With God, nothing is impossible… © David McGhee


2 thoughts on “Why You Should Root for the Underdog”

  1. Amen to THAT!!!!!! I’ve always considered myself an UNDERDOG, which seemed to get me MOTIVATED to “work harder then……” Great thoughts – keep them coming!

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