Curiosity may have killed the cat, but you aren’t a cat

Unless you are a cat, I would advise you to hop back on the curiosity train.  People who ‘play it safe’ don’t change the world…they just live in it.  Big mistake.

How did we get this way?  As we get older we tend to think we already know more than we actually do.  This in turn causes us to stop asking, searching, and digging deeper for facts and answers.  Curiosity may have been what killed the cat, but it is also what has made men great and has shaped our world.  How we live, communicate, interact, eat, get from point A to point B, has all been birthed through individuals who were curious.

Here are three ways to rediscover the curiosity I’m sure you once had as a child:

  1. Stay open.  The learning process isn’t one-fold, it’s three-fold: Learning, unlearning, and relearning.  Never take things you know (or think you know) for granted.
  2. Ask. Ask. Ask.What, Why, When, Who, Where, and How should be a regular part of your vocabulary.
  3. Read outside of your comfort zone.  Your mind isn’t limited, so don’t limit your mind.  Explore new worlds through reading subjects that you aren’t normally drawn to.  Your mind will surprise you and thank you for it.

© David McGhee


2 thoughts on “Curiosity may have killed the cat, but you aren’t a cat”

  1. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should never shy away from being BOLD and exhibiting our PASSION! Great post – keep them coming!!!

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