The Blueprint (For Your Life)

Even the biggest building in the world started out with a blueprint; a plan.  The word blueprint is defined as “a method worked out in advance for achieving an objective.”  There is an old proverb that reads, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.”

This proverbs challenges us to figure out what it is we are good at (personally, and professionally) – and create a plan to achieve our goals.  Dreams come into fruition when we have a plan.  I can’t develop your plan for you, your parents can’t develop it for you, and neither can your friends, your boss, or your spouse.  Only you can do it!

What I can offer, however, is one key component to your Blueprint, and that is education.  The foundation of your plan should be education.  Not just formal education, but the type of education that encourages you to look at the world as your classroom.

Even though the U.S. Population is estimated at 310 Million, and still growing, never underestimated the power that lies within you!

The question now becomes: What are you waiting for to develop your Blueprint and fulfill your life mission?

© David McGhee


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