Watch your “wait”

In many cases, thinking is overrated. Why, you ask? Here’s the thing. An athlete plays. A builder builds. An architect draws. A speaker speaks. A writer writes. Get my point?

None of these can be accomplished by simply thinking. If all a writer does is think, the book, movie script, or grant proposal will never come to life.

So often in our thinking, we find ourselves wanting to wait for the perfect time to start doing whatever it is we need to, or desire to do. In this case, I encourage you to watch your “wait”. The more you wait the less that gets done. Nothing is produced though thinking. Sure, thinking is the first step, but acting is the most important. Even if you fail, there is more to learn from staring and failing than there is from just thinking.

You don’t need a lot of money to walk into your life purpose, and get started. You don’t need the right business partner, a different job title, or the corner office in that fortune 500 company. All you need to get started is you.

Don’t just think about the future you want. Act your way there! -McGhee’s Manifesto

© David McGhee


7 thoughts on “Watch your “wait””

  1. good to see on something positive my good brotha…tell moms Nancy son said hello.

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