No business cards, no suit? No problem!

You don’t need a set of business cards, or a certain type of clothing to start making a huge impact.  Jesus didn’t have a business card, or a decorated wardrobe.  Yet and still, He is without question the most influential person to ever walk the earth.  He saw a void and He filled it.  He saw a need, and He met it.  He sacrificed His life for the well-being of others.

You too have a void in your life that you can fill, or perhaps the life of someone else.  You too know a need that needs to be met.  You too can do something for the well-being of others.  Big or small, we all can do something.

The longer we wait to take control of our live and walk into the destiny that God has for us, the more we blame people for our feeling stuck.  The blame game is most convenient for us when we feel stuck.  We normally start with blaming the economy, and then we find our way to closer things like our jobs, our boss, and sometimes even our family.  None of these are the real issue.  It’s us!

We just have to get started doing something; that something we were wired to do.  Great things will happen in our lives, but it isn’t a matter of time…it’s a matter of choice!

© David McGhee


6 thoughts on “No business cards, no suit? No problem!”

  1. Preciate’ that Dave!! A lotta’ times I have to sit back & take an inventory of myself; and there are always shortcomings that I have. Instead of criticizing or judging others, I always take a look at myself. Very enlightening & motivating. . .

  2. Great post. Even motivated me to do more. This post reminded me to go after those things that seem too big.

  3. I love this!!! It shows your passion to help others! I have a passion for helping others and this blog encourages me. Keep up the good work!!! You are awesome!!!

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