3 Things Real Leaders Have in Common

Too often we believe that leadership is only reserved for those who hold public office, or are in senior management positions.  We also make the mistake believing that leadership is some secret place for those of us with extensive resumes, or the church pastor with the largest congregation.  Not true!  Anyone can be a leader, and a great leader at that.

The fact is, Real Leadership extends beyond a “position” and stretches far and wide into a place where our passions and purpose take the driver’s seat.  Below are 3 things (among many) that Real Leaders tend to have in common:

1. Real Leaders Focus On Service First

Service is the essence of leadership.  This decision to serve first will indirectly bring one to leading.  By being a leader who is a servant first, you ensure the needs of others are met.  Putting the needs of others first and working toward the common good becomes a priority.  This leader doesn’t focus on making headlines, they just make headway.

2. Real Leaders See What They Look At

There is a difference between looking at something, and seeing it.  The decision to truly see what you look at is important.  This leader doesn’t simply look at something, or someone for that matter.  They see, observe, perceive, distinguish, and witness potential.  This leader can look at what everyone else looks at, and see something totally different.

3. Real Leaders Don’t Follow People

Great leaders don’t just follow people.  Following people only, believe it or not, doesn’t lead to success.  In addition to having great mentors, knowing who to follow, and when to follow, this leader also has a firm set of principles to follow – that never waver.  This leader knows what he/she stands for because the principles are clear up front and they aren’t determined by someone else.

© David McGhee


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