Aligning Your Life

One of the common mistakes we make as adults is to throw all of our efforts into organizing the things in our lives.  With so many demands on our time, skills, and resources, we often fall victim to the competing voices in our head to organize everything.  The moment we have things just about right, something else is thrown our way, and we find ourselves organizing that right into the middle of what we’ve just organized.  This leads to chaos, not clarity.  What we should focus on is aligning our lives, not organizing them.

When we align things properly in our lives, we can give the highest level of attention and energy to those things which are consistent with our God-given purpose.  We can go from trying to balance our lives, to being okay with our lives being imbalanced, but focused on our strengths.  We must reach a point in ourselves where we are okay without being able to do any and everything.  Lasting impact comes from aligning our lives, not organizing them.

As one author expresses, attempting to organize things is really no different from being a juggler, and juggling.  When we think about it, the core skill of juggling is throwing, not catching.  If we spend our lives this way, we’ll never have an opportunity to hold onto anything useful, and we’ll just wonder our way through life.  Purposelessly!  This isn’t good.  This is a great way to exist, but not live.

Aligning your life is way better than organizing it, and you’ll have more fun. – McGhee’s Manifesto

© David McGhee


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